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2010 Shop Layout

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The Muskoka Computes and Hobbies Central

After Paul

April 8th

Layout221 Layout222 Layout223
Bill Corrigan and Tom McRae are hard at work on the little town.

Layout224 Layout225 Layout226
Layout227 Layout228 Layout229
The MC&H Central even carries cargo from other rail lines.

Layout230 Layout231 Layout232
The river and lake area are coming along nicely.

Layout233 Layout234

April 15th

Layout235 Layout236 Layout237
The Forest Rangers arrived and made sure everything was ecologically sound.

Layout238 Layout239 Layout240
Mr. Conductor makes sure everything is ready for the daily run.

Aerial view after the town has been completed.



After talking it over with all involved, we decided to name the various areas on the layout for those who helped.

We also had a dedication plaque made and it will be on the layout fascia for all to see.

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