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2010 Shop Layout

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The Muskoka Computes and Hobbies Central

Geurts Artwork
The MC and H Central drawn by Jos Geurts of The Netherlands.

The Second Week Begins.

All photography by Robert Seymour of Huntsville, Ontario

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Day Seven:
Week two has begun....

Layout115 Layout116 Layout117 Layout118
Buildings are starting to be placed, and the road to the cabins has been cleared.

Layout119 Layout120 Layout121 Layout122
More foam is glued in place to accept plaster.
Another corner of rocks is taking shape and plywood is glued in place to fill the larger gaps.

Layout123 Layout124 Layout125 Layout126
The entire layout is glued together and clamped until dry.

Layout127 Layout128 Layout129 Layout130
The filling and gluing seems to never cease. Paul is trimming the abutment for the arch bridge.

Layout131 Layout132 Layout133 Layout134
Fitting the abutment, finishing a tunnel portal and a look at a finished section.

Layout135 Layout136 Layout137 Layout138
More material is applied as Paul gets things exactly as he wants them.
Yes he uses Woodland Scenics products.
A finished tunnel portal and a look at Will's engine house, a quality kit from RSLaser Kits..

Layout139 Layout140 Layout141 Layout142
A look at the finished corner, as you can see Paul is a hands on master builder.

Day Eight:
As you can see today Paul is working on the other two tunnel portals.

Layout143 Layout144 Layout145 Layout146 Layout147 Layout148

Layout149 Layout150 Layout151 Layout152

Layout153 Layout154 Layout155 Layout156

Layout157 Layout158 Layout159 Layout160

Day Nine:
Details Details Details. All I can say is it has to be seen to be believed.

Layout161 Layout162 Layout163 Layout164
Retaining walls, weathered track and ballast make the scene look realistic.

Layout165 Layout166 Layout167 Layout168
The Grass-o-Mat was brought out today. Jos Geurts Trees really add to the effect.

Layout169 Layout170 Layout171 Layout172

Layout173 Layout174 Layout175 Layout176

Layout177 Layout178 Layout179 Layout180

Day Ten:
With only three days left, the layout is progressing very well.

Layout181 Layout182 Layout183 Layout184 Layout185
With the trestle out of the way, the gorge can be built.
Also the camp is coming along nicely.

Layout186 Layout187 Layout188 Layout189 Layout190
The town is being planned today as well.

Layout191 Layout192 Layout193 Layout194 Layout195
The little 4-4-0 was brought out with its three early passenger cars.
Just to see how it would look.

Layout196 Layout197 Layout198
Paul and his young apprentice Tom McRae are deeply engrossed in construction details.

Day Eleven:

Layout199 Layout200 Layout201
Today was the day that Paul tackled the trestle gorge and lake area.

Layout202 Layout203 Layout204
The double track bridge had to be aligned perfectly.

Taking a well deserved break after almost two weeks on the job, he still looks happy.

Day Twelve: The Final Day

Layout206 Layout207 Layout208
The trestle, gorge and lodge are now fully detailed.

Layout209 Layout210 Layout211 Layout212

Layout213 Layout214 Layout215 Layout216
The completed window side of the layout.

Layout217 Layout218 Layout219
Paul says goodbye to his new Canadian friends: Will Annand, Rob Seymour and Peter Korschefsky.

Aerial view after twelve days.

Paul almost suceeded in completing the entire layout in two weeks.
All that is left to do is the small town area.

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