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2010 Shop Layout

March 2010 saw the beginning of a brand new shop layout:

The Muskoka Computes and Hobbies Central


The original plan as submitted by Paul Aegerter.

All photography by Robert Seymour of Huntsville, Ontario

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Benchwork Construction 2010 Shop Layout

Layout001 Layout002 Layout003 Layout004
Tom and Dave are hard at work constructing a very strong benchwork for the layout.
Tom's motto, measure twice, cut once.

Layout005 Layout006 Layout007 Layout008
Tom doing his imitation of a C-Clamp while Dave drives home the screws.
The finished product in the window.

The shop layout has started March 8, 2010

Day One:
The Master, Paul Aegerter, is busy installing the risers, and roadbed.
Even some cork has been laid today.

Layout009 Layout010 Layout011 Layout012 Layout013 Layout014

Layout015 Layout016 Layout017 Layout018 Layout019 Layout020

Layout021 Layout022 Layout023 Layout024 Layout025 Layout026

Day Two: Paul was able to finish the roadbed today and most of the cork and a great deal of the track.
He even started the first stage of weathering the track.
At the end of the day, Paul was happy with his progress. Yes, he is a happy camper.

Layout027 Layout028 Layout029 Layout030 Layout031
Paul's assistant Dustin Wainwright came in to help out

Layout032 Layout033 Layout034 Layout035 Layout036
Paul even got Will Annand involved today, in between computer repairs.

Layout037 Layout038 Layout039 Layout040 Layout041

Layout042 Layout043 Layout044 Layout045

Layout046 Layout047 Layout048 Layout049

Layout050 Layout051 Layout052 Layout053 Layout054

Day Three: Trackwork is completed and the wiring has been started.

Layout055 Layout056 Layout057 Layout058 Layout059

Layout060 Layout061 Layout062 Layout063

Layout064 Layout065 Layout066 Layout067
Precise measurment ensures the bridges will fit securely.

The entire team, Tom McRae, Dave Lawson, Dustin Wainwright and Paul Aegerter.

Day Four: The trackwork is 100% complete.
Tomorrow Paul says he starts on the scenery.

Layout069 Layout070 Layout071 Layout072

Layout073 Layout074 Layout075 Layout076

Layout077 Layout078 Layout079 Layout080
We even had a test run of the little 4-4-0 on the upper level.

Layout081 Layout082 Layout083 Layout084
The fascia is completed today as well.

Day Five: Today is the day Paul gets to start his favourite part, Landscaping.
He mixes up the plaster and applies it right on the foam. The tunnel portals are painted with a black wash.
In the second photo we can see Paul carving the plaster to make the first rocks.

Layout085 Layout086 Layout087 Layout088

Layout089 Layout090 Layout091 Layout092
Paul has shown Tom and Dustin how to make bushes the Swiss way.

Layout093 Layout094 Layout095 Layout096
Dave is showing Will how to work the new layout and Paul is finishing his second tunnel portal and liner.
He was also working on the lake today.

Day Six: As Week One comes to a close.

Today was full speed ahead on scenery. Carving rock faces and applying black washes.
Two and three layers of ground cover over plaster.

Layout097 Layout098 Layout099 Layout100
A black wash applied to the tunnel portal.

Layout101 Layout102 Layout103 Layout104 Layout105
Brown paint applied to weather the tracks.

Layout106 Layout107 Layout108 Layout109

Layout110 Layout111 Layout112 Layout113
The Swiss rock carver is hard at work.

Aerial view after only six days.


The construction continues during Week Two. click here.

To view the construction after Paul. click here.

To view the original shop layout, click here.

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