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D01 Early Railroads


Eight films on Railroads: Completion of Northwestern Pacific Rail Road (1914) - Golden Spike ceremonies and celebration for the completion of the Northwestern Pacific Rail Road, October 23-25, 1914. Filmed in Willits, Cain Rock, Arcata and Eureka, California. This Is My Railroad (1940) - Operations of the Southern Pacific Railroad, with many images of the territory that it serves. With excellent footage of snow management and removal operations in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Great Railroad At Work (1942) - Everything there is to know about the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad. Desert Empire (1948) - Railroad tour through the state of Utah, stopping off at many natural attractions and in Salt Lake City. Shows Arches National Monument and the mineral resources of Utah, including coal and copper. Big Train (1950) - Operations of the New York Central Railroad. At This Moment (1954) - Importance of railroads to 1950s America. Big Trains Rolling (1954) - Railroads and how they keep the U.S. economy rolling. and The Passenger Train (1955) - A young boy travels from Chicago, Illinois to Lamy, New Mexico via passenger train.

Total Time: 214 minutes.


D02 Hot Rods


Six Hot Rod related films, from the 1950s. Including: Cool Hot Rod (1952), Road Runners (1952), Show 'Em The Road (1954), None For The Road (1957), American Look (1958), Ingenuity In Action Sponsored by the NHRA (1958). With a Bonus film Chrysler Presents - Wheels Across Africa (1936).

Total Time: 186 minutes.


D03 Ford Motors


Ten clips from the Ford Motion Picture Vaults:
A.Ford Giveaway from 1932, Henry Ford's Mirror On America (1962), The American Road (1932), America On Wheels (1950), Two Ford Freedom (1955), Freedom Of The American Road (1955), Trader Thorne (1956) starring Hugh Beaumont (Ward Cleaver), Quiet Revolution (1956), Wonderful New World Of Fords (1960) and from 1964, Styling and The Experimental Car, (or how the Mustang was created).

Total Time: 163 minutes.


D04 Early Railroads


Forty Five clips of railroad History:
Featuring: Edison Loves Trains (1896-1903) - Thirty Three short clips covering everything from a train crash to a mountain cog tramway. Edison’s Great Train Robbery (1903) - Officially, the first Western movie. Edison’s Little Train Robbery (1905) - Another western movie, this time the robbers are children. California State Fair (1913) - Stunt in which two railroad locomotives collide head-on. Mount Tamalpais Gravity Railroad (1917) - Transporting tourists to top of Marin County's highest peak. Newsreel (1935) - The "Evans Auto-Railer," an automobile that runs down railroad tracks in Jackson, Michigan. Eveready (1938) - True Experience of Officer Harold Sewell. How Eveready flashlight prevented a train wreck. Newsreel (1939) - King George and Queen Elizabeth begin their royal tour of the Dominion! Troop Train (1943) - Evocative World War II-era film. Rock Island Line (1950) - Operations of the Rock Island Lines. Includes shots of high-speed "Rocket" freight trains; the operation of classification yards; and scenes of agricultural and industrial areas served bythe railroad. Third Ave Railway NY (1950) - Impressionistic picture of the Elevated Railway in Manhattan. Newsreel (1956) - BC Rail The Royal Gorge. Mainline USA (1957) - Importance of railroads in USA.

Total Time: 163 minutes.


D05 Early Railroads


Ten clips of railroad History:
Featuring: 1935 - Safe Roads - Short with excellent images of steam-era passenger trains. 1941 – George Washington's Railroad – Ads proclaimed that you'd "sleep like a kitten" on "George Washington's railway." This film traces the roots of the Chesapeake & Ohio Railroad. 1946 – Clear Track Ahead – This is one in a series of films that the Pennsylvania RR produced to promote their company. 1946 – Rail Strike Paralyses Entire US – Newsreel scenes of the start of the railroad strike, U.S. government takes over railroads. 1948 – New Horizons – Shows the economy of the Southeast, all in the context of railroad business and operations. 1952 - Opening A New Frontier - This is another in the series of films that the Pennsylvania RR produced to promote their company. 1952 - Progress On The Rails - This is another in the series of films that the Pennsylvania RR produced to promote their company. 1952 - Wheels Of Steel - This is another in the series of films that the Pennsylvania RR produced to promote their company. 1955 - Days Of Our Years - Disturbing and sometimes maudlin trilogy of accidents and their effects on railroad workers and their families, shot with virtuosity in working-class Los Angeles. 1959 – Last Of The Giants – The Story of Union Pacific’s Big Boys. The largest steam locomotives ever build, they were designed to haul heavy loads through the mountains.

Total Time: 152 minutes.


General Motors


75 video clips featuring: Fleischer Studios - In My Merry Oldsmobile, Chevrolet Leader News from 1935 and 1936, 1942 Oldsmobiles, Chevrolet’s Great New Star of 1952, 1955 Chevrolet, Design For Dreaming in 1956, 1957 Chevy Trucks, Chevy for ’59, 1960 Corvair and the 1963 Oldsmobile Ninety Eight. Over 96 minutes of General Motors History. A Jam Handy cartoon, Coach For Cinderella, Streamlining Automobiles in 1936, Around the Corner, Chevrolet Leader News and The Other Fellow from 1937, 1938 Over The Waves, 1940 Chevrolet The Trip, 1942 Oldsmobiles, 1952 Key to Our Horizons, 1954 How To Go Places, 1955 Chevrolet Do It Yourself, 1955 Chevrolet First Date. A Jam Handy cartoon Peg Leg Pedro, 1936 Chevrolet How You See It, 1937 Free Air, 1938 All In One, 1938 Chevrolet Leader News, 1940 Girl On The Magazine Cover, 1941 Chevrolet Drawing Account, 1942 Oldsmobiles, Chevrolet Here's Looking, Chevrolet Low and Behold and Chevrolet What's New all from 1955, as well as Touch Of Magic from 1961. A Jam Handy cartoon Ride For Cinderella, Down The Gasoline Trail and Safest Place from 1935, 1937 Helping You Sell and Seeing Green, Chevrolet Leader News from 1939, 1948 Oldsmobile Futuramic, Chevrolet New Era, Perfect Timing and You Can Take It With You all from 1955. Also included are two special films. The award winning 1936 film "Master Hands" Selected for the 1999 National Film Registry of "artistically, culturally, and socially significant" films. Also the 1955 Achievement USA, General Motors celebrates production of 50 millionth automobile with a parade. A Jam Handy cartoon Princess and The Pauper, Terraplane News from 1932, 1935 Safe Roads and Sky Billboards, We Drivers from 1936, 1940 Something For Nothing, Pontiac Styling of 1957, 14 Roads To Romance clips: Bluegrass Land Of Kentucky, By Cayuga's Waters, Cedar Breaks National Park, Columbia River Highway, Coral Gables Florida, Highway of Tomorrow - Pennsylvania Turnpike, Lakes Of The Twin Cities, Oak Creek Canyon, Olympic National Park, Narragansett Bay, SanDiego, San Luis Obispo, Santa Cruz Trail, and Western Michigan. Also included is a bonus feature, an in-depth interview with Jamison Handy, the producer of the General Motors motion pictures.

Total Time: 9 hours and 15 minutes.


Thomas Edison


Prolific inventor Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) has had a profound impact on modern life. In his lifetime, the "Wizard of Menlo Park" patented 1,093 inventions, including the phonograph, the kinetograph (a motion picture camera), and the kinetoscope (a motion picture viewer). Edison managed to become not only a renowned inventor, but also a prominent manufacturer and businessman through the merchandising of his inventions.

This three volume DVD set contains 359 Historical Films from the creator of motion pictures, Thomas Edison. Also included on this DVD are Newsreel footage from 1901-1927.

Over 12 hours of film history.



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